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Moslema In Style International Fashion Forward (MISIFF) 2015

The MISIFF is set to become the largest event for Muslim women in Malaysia, maximizing the potential for female entrepreneurs, designer and business leaders to market their product and services and expand their network. The aims to be a celebration of the success of Muslim women as well as providing a platform for new and emerging talent to break trough along woth inspiring future generations with messages of empowerment and support.

Inspiration and encouragement will be provided by motivational speakers, seminars, networking, fashion shows and much more.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for new generations of female Muslims to gain the support of their peers and put forward their own ideas, product and services in a cost effective manner thet may not have been possible elsewhere.

MISIFF is ideal platform for temporary ideas and original talent as well as an opportunity to shop, make new contacts and be inspired to make independent decisions concerning ones own lifestyle. It’s the ultimate event exclusively for Muslim women.

As an event company Moslema in style have a special focus that involves working and empowering Muslim women and organizations, making Moslema ins Style a platform which promotes aspiring talented individuals and businesses.


30 October 2015